Monday, February 28, 2022

The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Yes: Everyday we have an opportunity to say “yes” to this life set before us. Everyday we are offered the possibility to say “yes” to God. In return, everyday God says “yes” to us (or is it God’s “yes” that comes first? probably). In God’s “yes” to us, God sets before us the path of generosity, kindness, gentleness, and compassion. God erases yesterday’s offenses. God deletes yesterday’s sins. God gives us a fresh start, renewal, revival. In our “yes” to God, we offer up gratitude, awe, and praise. In our “yes” to God, we claim today’s clean slate.

Sometimes yesterday’s burdens follow us. Sometimes consequences catch up to us. Sometimes yesterday’s pain is today’s tenderness. Sometimes yesterday’s unwelcome sorrow is today’s burden. But when God says “yes” to us and we say “yes” to God, we entrust all of yesterday into God’s hands, and welcome the mystery of today with open arms. God’s “yes” to us and our “yes” to God does not make the ache of this life disappear, but the mutual in/finite “yes” allows us to live aware and present in the fullness of this day with a tenderness to ourselves and the world exactly as it is now.

Praying the Alphabet
As the day yawns awake, O God,
we yearn for your presence.
We yield to you our yesterdays.
Bless them.
Today, we welcome your “yes” to us
as we again say “yes” to you.
We entrust to you the yoke of this day.
Bless what is ahead.