The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

The beauty of the earth knits us together, pointing us toward the spirit of God. When flowers—a tangible expression of God’s love—are in the sanctuary, our spirits are lifted up. When the flowers are dedicated to loved ones on this side of heaven or across the veil, we honor and remember the sacred connection we have to one another. And when altar flowers are delivered to church members after worship as a new part of our care guild ministry, we continue to weave a web of love.

Kenilworth Union Church Green Team, Care Guild, and Altar Flower Guild are partnering to continue to weave a web of love. Purchased altar flowers may be donated to the Church where they will be repurposed into several bouquets, presented in smaller vases, and distributed by the Care Guild who care for members during their ups and downs.

Want to get involved? (1) Donate altar flowers by contacting Sandy Wells to choose a Sunday. When you talk with Sandy, designate who you would like the flowers to be in memory/honor of. (2) Join our flower delivery team by contacting Katie Nahrwold or by signing up here. (3) If you know someone to whom we might want to consider delivering flowers (whether after grief, illness, or other reasons for connection from their church community), please contact Katie Lancaster. (4) Donate unused vases on your shelves to be reused by the Care Guild Flower Team.