The Reverend Christine V. Hides

God of inescapable wonder and delight,
Creator of this enchanted summer
In which we welcome ripe raspberries,
The first taste of heirloom tomatoes,
And the soothing evening breeze across the balcony.
Keep us awake to the new life arriving in our midst:
A family moving in down the street,
The person we have not met sitting near us this morning,
A new minister to serve here,
And of course, the blessing of new babies to love and nurture.

Make us people of welcome and compassion in a weary world.
Keep us awake to the needs of our neighbor:
The one recovering from surgery,
The relationships that need tending,
The grief that keeps a timeline all its own,
The tenderness of the unresolved conflict,
And the work that needs to be set aside for rest,
Holy God,
Teach us how to walk in the way of love and peace every moment of our days.

For you O God, are the God of Ruth, Naomi, Jonah, and the Ninevites.
You’re the one who makes a way for the forgotten, the fallen, and even the impertinent.
Grant us your spirit of wisdom and understanding,
That we might see the world more as you see it:
A place of wonder and of need,
Where your son Jesus Christ dwelt among us
Bringing light and life to all,
Showing us the way of justice and truth,
And teaching us to pray: Our father….