Squire Prince

Lord God we rejoice this day for your grace and your mercy. For your love and your presence we lift our voices. For the love gift of your Spirit that is being poured out on all flesh we say hallelujah God! We come before your presence with thanksgiving and we enter your courts with praise. Hallelujah to the King of Kings, hallelujah to the Lamb, hallelujah to the Lord of Lords who is the great I am! We come asking God that in all ways you would guide us into joy, love, hope, and peace. We pray that by your Spirit we would come to know the revelation of our belovedness and the call to exploit and spread that love. We pray that your love would cause us to love across boundaries and divisions. In a world that is so divided and tense, so brutal and angry, filled with pain and strife, we pray that we would tap into your Holy Fount of love and joy. Help us to say like Paul, “I have found to be satisfied in any circumstance.”

Lord, we are a congregation that stand in solidarity with our siblings of humanity, both near and far, who are in situations and circumstances, both of rejoicing and mourning. They are known more to you, than they are to us. Even those under the sound of my voice may silently be going through a situation of loss, grief, or pain. We pray that you would, by your Holy Spirit, speak words of comfort into their soul. At night, go by their bedside reminding them that you are always there, Lord God. There may be those under the sound of my voice facing financial hardship, or struggles in the workplace. We pray that you would open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings upon them in whatever way they need, in such abundance that they would not have room enough to receive it. For those rejoicing over the joys of life, and finding the peace of summer comforting, we pray that you would continue to reveal your loving and compassionate presence to them in mighty ways, that they too may join in in saying “Jesus Christ is Lord”. For our children and our youth, Lord, we say thank you. Bless these little sheep of your flock O God, and guide us, that we may be examples of faith for them. For our leaders and our ministers, we say thank you. Bless them with discernment and wisdom as they open up the word of God before us, exposing your love and passion for us.

Lord, we are a congregation, a people who long to know you more. In all things, in all ways, in all facets, may we grow closer to you, our Rock and our Redeemer. As the deer panteth for the water, so my soul longeth after thee. You my Lord are our heart’s desire and we long to worship. And now we pray the prayer that Jesus taught us, Our Father…. Amen.


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