Greta Connor, Director of Children and Family Ministry

“Wondering Time” is something that we do each week in Godly Play after the story. We ask open-ended questions, we wonder, and we reflect. Recently NPR launched a new series called A Weekly Dose of Wonder with NPR health correspondent Michaeleen Doucleff. She starts the series stating that wonder is a positive emotion, an emotion that makes you feel good, makes you stop for a moment and think outside of yourself. Scientists recognize that finding a moment to wonder in your daily life can calm down your nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, and foster a healthy perspective.

Wonder is a key ingredient of faith, too. Opportunities to be surprised by something beyond our routine or to stand awestruck as we discover something unimaginably beautiful feed our spiritual lives. Wonder reminds us that we are part of something bigger, connecting us with our Creator and our neighbor. Both science and faith agree—wonder is  beneficial!

Each week this summer we will share a “wonder” and a prayer from Katie Lancaster’s daily devotional. Join us for more wondering about God and creation during All Ages Summer Sunday School on the even dates. Until then, enjoy the full NPR segment on wonder.