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Interested in becoming a committee member? Please read on, and reach out to Sarah Ross or email the committee to learn more. We particularly need assistance with fulfilling mail order requests using our database. Here is some additional information about our history and process.

In 1979, two Kenilworth Union Church members, Becky Jones and Betsy Fyfe, came together to create the Day by Day Calendar. Their hope was to raise funds for Outreach in a way that would spread joy and inspiration to our congregation, and beyond, for years to come. Since then, we have sold tens of thousands of the beloved quote-of-the-day calendars to devoted fans throughout the U.S. (and abroad), and have raised substantial funds Kenilworth Union Church Outreach Agencies!

Each Spring: committee members thoughtfully review and select quotes from our extensive archives. We also incorporate new quotes that we have found throughout the year.

In the Summer: we have a read-through of all the quotes planned for the upcoming calendar, which is then typed up, proofread, and sent to the printer.

In the Fall: the calendars are printed and we hold a “Ringing Day,” where church members assist us in putting rings in the printed calendars, so they can be displayed and viewed easily.

In November: we start selling and shipping the calendars until we run out in late December or early January. There are currently three options for purchasing calendars. Each requires a check payable to Kenilworth Union Church.

  1. At the front desk of the church Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  2. In the Culbertson Room after the 10 a.m. worship on Sundays in December before Christmas
  3. Via mail order form located in the current year’s calendar and at

(Mailed calendars and stands are more expensive for you and more onerous for the committee to execute. So if you are local, and able to get to the church, we would appreciate you buying your calendars at the church.)

All of this happens due to the work of dedicated Day by Day Committee Members and the supportive staff at Kenilworth Union Church! Again if you have an interest in joining the committee, or have other questions, please reach out to Sarah Ross or one of the current committee members shown. Day by Day is a wonderful tradition to be a part of!

Day by Day Committee Members

Mei Aden
Joby Berman
Jo Ann Collins
Kris Fishman

Kim Fitzgerald
Dave Hanold
Nancy Mead
Kait Paden

Laurie Petersen
Micheline Rabjohns
Bill Ross
Sarah Ross
Barb Wood