October 23, 2022

“I am grateful to Kenilworth Union because I’ve met new friends,” said JB, a sixth grader involved in the Youth program. We feel blessed to be able to say the same, and perhaps you can, too, because at Kenilworth Union Church, you have discovered kindred spirits in people who love and seek to serve God and others. This is a holy community.

And it is a community sustained by your gifts of time, skills, compassion, and, as we are reminded with humility and gratitude during the annual All of Me, All of Us Stewardship Campaign, financial resources.

Our goal is 100% participation across the congregation because all of us are critically important to the strength and impact of Kenilworth Union Church. As you reflect on this year’s All of Me, All of Us Stewardship Campaign, with a goal of $2.3 million, we hope you will prayerfully and intentionally consider your pledge. What does giving your “all” mean as a member of this holy community?

We ask that you please confirm your pledge by Friday, November 20 using the form below.  Alternatively you may contact John Sharp with your commitment. Pledges are payable between now and the close of the church fiscal year on June 30, 2023.

Thank you for the ways you love and serve God and others. We are grateful to be part of this community with you. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.


William A. Evertsberg
Senior Minister

Chris Beer
Stewardship Co-Chair

George Wishart
Stewardship Co-Chair

Kenilworth Union Church 2022–23 Stewardship Goal: $2.3 Million

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