Second Grade Understanding Communion Milestone

One Session:

On September 25 2nd graders are invited to participate in a pull-out class during Sunday school titled “Understanding Communion”. This interactive communion milestone explores what the Lord’s Supper might mean to us personally and as a church community. 

One way to learn about the Lord’s Supper is to experience it. We have an “open table” at Kenilworth Union Church. No matter where we are on life’s journey, children and adults are invited to take part in the Lord’s Supper every time it happens. It is also meaningful to have instruction about the Lord’s Supper. It can help us understand that small, holy meal in a deeper way.

We gather at tables: big and small tables, full and fuller tables, ordinary and elegant tables. Every time we gather, we have a chance to say thank you: thank you God for the people at this table, for the food on this table, for the labor of love it took to make this meal possible, for the sunshine and earth that grew into this meal. One of the special tables Christians gather around is the Lord’s Table (also called Communion or Eucharist interchangeably). We remember the last time that Jesus gathered around a table with his disciples. It reminds us that Jesus still gathers around our tables with us, in a mysterious way.

Third Grade Bible

A milestone year at Kenilworth Union Church when children are invited to learn scripture by heart that they will encounter throughout their lives; the Ten Commandments, the 23rd Psalm, the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus’ Greatest Commandment, and the Books of the Bible. The year culminates in the presentation of a personalized Bible during worship. In addition to their regular Sunday school class, second graders are eligible to participate in a new pull-out class named: “Understanding Communion—a milestone for second grade”. This four-week milestone will culminate in an opportunity for second graders to help serve and receive the holy communion in the Sanctuary during the 10 a.m. Worship.  Please look for a follow-up email that will be sent to parents of second graders that will provide details.

Fifth and Sixth Grade

Fifth and sixth grade youth are ready and excited to engage in the life of the church through service and leadership. We offer a two year cycle of milestones for this age group.

Requirements Throughout the Year:

Worship Leadership Milestone, Year A (2022)

This worship leadership milestone is a way for middle school students to put their faith into action by leading various parts of worship and practice that leadership in children’s chapel and sanctuary worship. Through interactive Sunday morning “labs” students will create prayers and other parts of worship for Children’s Chapel and explore how the cycle of worship includes our everyday life and draws us closer to God. This milestone expects that students will participate in Sunday morning labs in the fall,  participate in one worship leadership opportunity in the sanctuary, and help lead Children’s Chapel four (4) times this school year. Those who complete the requirements will be recognized in worship on Children’s Day in May.

Service Milestone, Year B (2023) 

The service milestone is a way for middle school students to put their faith into action through service projects. Service project opportunities will be on and off-site, also some will be offered during Sunday school, and others during MSYG, in the hope that everyone will be able to participate at one time or another. The expectations for this milestone include regular attendance and participation in three (3) of the service projects during the school year. Those who complete three or more service projects will be recognized at Children’s Day in May.

Please contact Greta Connor for more information.