Kenilworth Union Church is an inclusive community whose identity is formed by its devotion to God, inspiring worship, and commitment to nurturing individuals in faith.

Kenilworth Union traces its roots back to the original plan of Joseph Sears for the Village of Kenilworth. Sears took steps to start a church in mid-1892, four years before the Village was incorporated. The organizing vision for the church was to be a Christian community that welcomes persons and families of all denominational religious backgrounds.

Today, Kenilworth Union invites all to join on a faith journey to worship God through Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit. We aspire to serve the world, to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with our God and with each other.

As such, the Church remains true to its founding vision and fulfills a unique position within the network of Christian churches on the North Shore of Chicago.

The original Church building was designed by architect Franklin Burnham, who also designed a number of local homes and the Kenilworth train station.

The building has expanded over the past 125 years to include additional architectural elements including the arched cloister walkway at the front of the building, a spire, two smaller chapels, and classrooms. Rooms continue to be improved and altered over the years to maintain pace with the interests and priorities of the congregation and community.

Today, the original sanctuary remains the central gathering place for Sunday worship, and the former gymnasium houses fellowship, Adult Education, and other special programs.

Music has been a central component of the worship program since its founding.

In 2003, Kenilworth Union Church made a significant investment to purchase an organ built by Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, which has enhanced both the sound of the sacred music that fills the church and the beauty of our sanctuary.

Mission outreach is engrained in the heart and soul of the church. Since its early days, the congregation has served those in need in myriad ways, from a rummage sale to volunteer support to fundraising.

Kenilworth Union actively supports a variety of denominational and ecumenical programs today.

The church serves families that have belonged to the congregation for generations, and welcomes new members each year.

To learn more about membership at Kenilworth Union Church, or to learn more about hosting a Life Event in the facility, follow the links provided or email We invite you to arrange a visit.

photo by Bill Bishoff

All are welcome.