Kenilworth Union Church has a large membership. We strive to be true to our heritage as a village church. As originally stated in the early charter of Kenilworth Union, we are about being “a place of worship and faith where persons of all religious backgrounds are welcomed.”

We invite those interested in becoming members to attend our Church Information class.

The Church Information Class session consists of one and a half hour class on Sunday afternoon. Those interested in learning more, or in membership at Kenilworth Union Church, are invited to attend the session to learn more of the church, its history, and theology. The welcome is extended to all who seek to participate.

You may call the church office at (847) 251-4272 or fill out the form below for more information on joining Kenilworth Union Church.

Upcoming Membership Events

Fall Information In House and Online Classes

Interested in learning more about the mission and ministry of Kenilworth Union Church? Please join an in house meeting on Sunday, September 17.

The September 17 class will be held 2–3:30 p.m. in the Culbertson Room. New Member Commissioning is the following Sunday, September 24 at the 10 a.m. Worship in the Sanctuary. Please contact Bruce Linger or Katie Snipes Lancaster for more information.

Membership Request

To introduce yourself, request membership information, or be contacted by a minister please fill out your preferred contact information and indicate your interests below.

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