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Rummage Update

Written by: Julia Smolucha

Hope Poor, Rummage Co-Chair

After a three-year hiatus due to construction and COVID, and with more construction likely in the future, we have regretfully come to the conclusion that we will not hold a Rummage Sale this summer, or for the foreseeable future. We will all miss the fellowship of sorting, the satisfaction of helping underserved communities by selling bargains to our shoppers, the environmental benefit of keeping all our unwanted stuff out of the landfill, and the funds raised for Outreach.

For those items that you’ve been saving to donate to Kenilworth Union, please consider donating instead to two local churches with well-established rummage sales: Christ Church Winnetka and Winnetka Congregational Church. The Christ Church drop off is at the corner of Maple and Oak St in Winnetka, and the Winnetka Congregational Church drop off is at the Pine St. entrance to the Winnetka Community House.

Vivian Vahlberg, Rummage Communications

Hello Leader Rummagers!

Once again, we aren’t able to have Rummage at Kenilworth Union Church this year.  We can always hope that next year will be different.

But there is good news for those who enjoy working rummage. Two local churches that are having Rummage sales this year would welcome your help. If you volunteer, you might see many familiar faces since a number of our volunteers are already working at these sales.

First Presbyterian Church Lake Forest’s sale is April 30. You can sign up for four hour shifts.

Winnetka Congregational Church’s sale is Thursday May 12. If you’re interested in volunteering.

I’m told that you may qualify for pre-sale shopping privileges at both sales.

All the best to you all!